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Comprehensive Factoring Starting at .65%

  • All invoices for particular customer or customers
  • Required monthly minimum
  • Time frame requirement

Selective Factoring Starting at .89%

  • Select specific invoices to factor
  • No minimum monthly amounts
  • No time frame requirement

Purchase Order Financing Starting at 1.5%

  • Companies sourcing goods directly to their customers
  • Transactions as small as $10,000

Why Choose Us?

At Contract Financing we find you the best financing option at the best possible rate. Our commitment isn't with one financial establishment and we can offer multiple options at no cost or charge to you. Contact us today and see how we can get started!

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to Contract Financing

Factoring is one of the fastest, most flexible means for a business to obtain financing to cover working capital needs while having access to funds to support a company's growth. Advances are made to your business against new or outstanding invoices to provide immediate access to cash. You are paid 70% - 90% of the value of the invoice within 24 hours with the remaining balance paid to you (less a small service fee) once payment is received from your customer. The process can be repeated as new invoices are issued to access cash for financing additional contracts. Financing contracts by the federal government is different than financing a commercial contract. The Assignment of Claims Act is a federal law which allows and specifies the procedures for assigning financial rights to invoices of government contractors and allows for payments on a contract to be made to a financial company as a third party. This allows a financial company such as ours to provide contract finance through accounts receivable financing and factoring. This method of funding contracts provides you with working capital throughout the life of the contract. If you would like to contact us for further information on contract financing, give us a call today!


10 Reasons Why Utilizing Factoring as Contract Finance Can Help Grow Your Business

Often a company’s quickest method to grow to the next level is by obtaining a contract larger than any previous ones it has performed or completed. This method is desirable since it causes natural, moderate growth in a manner where there is experience, history, and a proven track record. These contracts can be with government agencies – federal, state, municipal or with publicly held or private companies...READ MORE

How Factoring Can Be Used For Contract Financing

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